About Pro Fab Outdoors Skid Houses

Pro Fab Outdoors skid houses are the absolute highest quality skid houses available today. We have been manufacturing skid houses since 2010 and have learned over the years through many different tests, experiences, customer feedback and putting our skid houses through some of the most grueling conditions in the world such as the glaciers of Greenland, the brutal winter conditions of Canada and the Midwest. We have learned over the years what it takes to build a top-notch skid house that will last a lifetime.

Pro Fab Outdoors has built a five-star reputation for building world class outdoor equipment all over the world. Some of the projects we have done include custom equipment for the United States Military, United States Science Foundation projects for the Glaciers in Greenland, Large Utility companies in British Columbia and all over the United States, Police and Fire Departments around the US, farmers, ranchers and countless equipment for the Sportsman across the Globe. We take the approach to build equipment the right way no matter the expense to give our customers what they want and a top-notch product. The result is a first-class product that lasts and looks fantastic. We are a company that takes pride in the fit and finish of our products. We work closely with our customers to design their equipment the way they would like it, or we can design it for you as we have extensive experience in building outdoor equipment. All of us at Pro Fab Outdoors are huge outdoors enthusiast. So, we know what works well and what may not. 



Pro Fab Outdoors redesigned our bullet proof Ice Cave Outdoors skid house aluminum frames that we have built since 2010 to accommodate the new Intelli-Core structural composite panels which are extremely durable, waterproof and lightweight. The result of all these processes and materials combined make the most lightweight and durable skid house on the market. These lightweight houses can be used from first ice to ice out conditions. They allow our customers to go off into unchartered territory where there are no crowds or plowed roads. This allows them to fish in unpressured areas and hit spots where most wheelhouses could only dream of being set up at. These lightweight and extremely warm houses are an absolute joy to fish out of as there is no time wasted on set up or take down. If the fish aren’t biting in your spot, you simply move without all the hassles of the wheelhouses, canvas houses or heavy permanent fish houses. Leave it hooked up to your snowmobile, ATV, UTV, truck, or Snow Dog for easy moves without all the work and hassles of the other houses. This makes fishing much more enjoyable and makes you much more efficient with your time on the ice which results with more fish being caught! These houses can be washed out at the end of the season with a garden hose or pressure washer as there is nothing to rot. Just unplug your power sources before doing so.



All our houses come standard with Perimeter LED lighting on the interior and exterior set up with dimmer switches. Some of the other standard features include upgraded insulated tinted windows that have built in blinds and screens, an aluminum hitch system that allows you to pull the house from both directions, propane tank holder and pass through, fresh air vents, Two DOT approved custom reflectors on each corner for safety, upgraded wood appearance insulated floor, an insulated door system with deadbolt that is the highest quality in the industry that is made in house, UHMW ski skins (the most abrasive resistant, most expensive and slipperiest you can buy), aluminum Mid Rail under the windows on the walls for mounting accessories, a whisper quiet 12 volt fan with LED light for circulating air, an upgraded 12 volt switch system that is fused and has 12 volt charging ports for phones and accessories, fully trimmed inside and outside with a top notch fit and finish. All of this is included in our standard pricing! We do offer many other options for seating, sleeping, vented furnace options, cabinetry, many Mid Rail accessories, charging systems, electronics, hole sleeves, graphics, etc. at an extra charge.